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The menu on the left includes data about Fresno State students, courses, degrees and employees, as well as college profiles intended to offer a general statistical picture of each of our eight colleges. For the most commonly requested data, see Quick Facts on the menu bar above.

Click here to download the complete Fall 2013 Data Book (pdf).

Also on that bar, the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) link takes you to data about Fresno State that is part of a national accountability effort. The same data for other universities that are participating in this effort can be found by following links from the VSA page.

For data about the CSU as a whole, see CSU Data in the right menu bar. The best source for national data from which institutional comparisons can be made is IPEDS. To access it, click on National Higher Education Data in the menu on the right, then IPEDS Data Center from their site. Data can be accessed in several ways. The easiest interface to use is the ExPT (Executive Peer Tool) which allows institutional comparisons on selected items such as applicants, enrollment, degrees awarded, graduation rates, financial aid, staffing, salaries and institutional revenues and expenditures.

To see research and assessments of projects on campus, click on Research and Reports in the menu on the left. You'll find survey data, test results and reports on numerous topics.