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Academic Program Review Schedule

College of Arts and Humanities

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Art, B.A. 2018-19
Art, M.A. 2018-19
Communication, B.A. 2021-22
Communication, M.A. 2021-22
Creative Writing, M.F.A. 2018-19
English, B.A. 2018-19
English, M.A. 2018-19
French, B.A. 2016-17
German, B.A. Currently Suspended
Graphic Design, B.F.A. 2016-17
Interior Design, B.A. 2018-19
Linguistics, B.A. 2021-22
Linguistics, M.A. 2021-22
Mass Communication & Journalism, B.A. 2017-18
Mass Communication & Journalism, M.A. Currently Suspended
Music, B.A. 2021-22
Music, M.A. 2021-22
Philosophy, B.A. 2016-17
Russian, B.A. Currently Suspended
Spanish, B.A. 2018-19
Spanish, M.A. 2018-19
Theatre Arts, B.A. 2016-17

College of Health and Human Services

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Athletic Training, B.S. 2016-17
Communicative Disorders, B.A. 2017-18
Communicative Disorders, M.A. 2017-18
Health Science, B.S. 2020-21
Kinesiology, B.S. 2021-22
Kinesiology, M.A. 2021-22
Nursing, B.S. 2015-16
Nursing, D.N.P. 2017-18
Nursing, M.S. 2015-16
Physical Therapy, D.P.T. 2017-18
Public Health, M.P.H. 2022-23
Recreation Administration, B.S. 2019-20
Social Work, B.A. 2016-17
Social Work, M.S.W. 2016-17

College of Science and Mathematics

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Biochemistry, B.S. 2020-21
Biology, B.S. 2019-20
Biology, M.S. 2019-20
Biomedical Physics, B.S. 2020-21
Biotechnology, M.B.T. 2016-17
Chemistry, B.A. 2019-20
Chemistry, B.S. 2019-20
Chemistry, M.S. 2019-20
Computer Science, B.S. 2016-17
Computer Science, M.S. 2016-17
Environmental Sciences, B.S. 2016-17
Geology, B.S. 2021-22
Geology, M.S. 2021-22
Mathematics, B.A. 2021-22
Mathematics, M.A. 2021-22
Natural Sciences, B.A. 2015-16
Physics, B.S. 2020-21
Physics, M.S. 2020-21
Psychology, B.A. 2017-18
Psychology, M.A. 2017-18
School Psychology, Ed.S. 2017-18
Water Resource Management, M.S. 2020-21

College of Social Sciences

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Africana Studies, B.A. 2018-19
Anthropology, B.A. 2021-22
Chicano Studies, B.A. 2021-22
Criminology, B.S. 2017-18
Criminology, M.S. 2017-18
Geography, B.A. 2015-16
History, B.A. 2018-19
History, M.A. 2018-19
International Relations, M.A. Currently Suspended
Latin American Studies, B.A. 2018-19
Political Science, B.A. 2021-22
Public Administration, B.A. Currently Suspended
Public Administration, M.P.A. 2016-17
Sociology, B.A. 2015-16
Women’s Studies, B.A. 2015-16

Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Agricultural Business, B.S. 2017-18
Agricultural Education, B.S. 2015-16
Animal Science, B.S. 2016-17
Animal Science, M.S. 2016-17
Child Development, B.S. 2020-21
Enology, B.S. 2016-17
Family & Consumer Sciences, B.A. 2020-21
Family & Consumer Sciences, M.S. Currently Suspended
Food & Nutritional Sciences, B.S. 2018-19
Food & Nutritional Sciences, M.S. Currently Suspended
Industrial Technology, B.S. 2016-17
Industrial Technology, M.S. 2016-17
Plant Science, B.S. 2021-22
Plant Science, M.S. 2021-22
Viticulture & Enology, M.S. 2016-17
Viticulture, B.S. 2016-17

Kremen School of Education and Human Development

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Counseling, M.S. 2015-16
Education, M.A. 2015-16
Educational Leadership, Ed.D. 2019-20
Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S. 2017-18
Special Education, M.A. 2015-16
Teaching, M.A.T. 2017-18

Lyles College of Engineering

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Civil Engineering, B.S. 2018-19
Civil Engineering, M.S. 2017-18
Computer Engineering, B.S. 2018-19
Construction Management, B.S. 2019-20
Electrical Engineering, B.S. 2018-19
Engineering, M.S. 2017-18
Geomatics Engineering, B.S. 2018-19
Industrial Engineering, B.S.   Currently Suspended
Mechanical Engineering, B.S. 2018-19

Sid Craig School of Business

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Accountancy, M.S. Currently Suspended
Business Administration, B.S. Core 2016-17
Business Administration, M.B.A. 2018-19
Business Administration, M.B.A. (SE) 2018-19
Economics, B.A. 2017-18

Special and Interdisciplinary Programs

Academic Program
Next Review Cycle
Liberal Studies, B.A. 2016-17
General Education 2016-17
Smittcamp Family Honors College 2016-17

Academic Program Review Schedule (PDF)

Questions and Assistance

Please contact the Undergraduate Studies OfficeDr. Xuanning Fu, Program Review Officer for Undergraduate Programs; Dr. James Marshall, Program Review Officer for Graduate Programs; Aide Navarro, Program Review Assistant.