There are three sub-committees charged with specific tasks: 

  1. Core Competency Sub-committee - The Core Competency Subcommittee will seek to establish standards of performance and methods of assessment for the written communication competency as well as develop plans for assessing the remaining four core competencies.
  2. Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of the Degree Sub-committee - This sub-committee will explore the meaning, quality and integrity of a Fresno State degree using multiple frameworks, including AAC&Us LEAP outcomes, the Degree Qualifications Profile from Lumina, as well as the Institutional Learning Outcomes adopted by other universities within the CSU. The subcommittee is committed to broad consultation with the campus community as well as the Academic Senate as we seek to articulate the meaning of our degrees.
  3. Communication Sub-committee - The scope of this sub-committee is to design and implement a website for the purpose of being transparent; communicating to the campus and the community; self-study, findings, responses; showcasing data on core competencies; serving as a central clearinghouse of accreditation information.