Meaning, Quality and Integrity of the Degree Sub-Committee


From the WASC 2013 Handbook of Accreditation:

“Institutions are expected to define the meaning of the undergraduate and graduate degrees they confer and to ensure their quality and integrity. “Quality” and “integrity” have many definitions; in this context WASC understands them to mean a rich, coherent, and challenging educational experience, together with assurance that students consistently meet the standards of performance that the institution has set for that educational experience.”

“CFR 2.2 indicates that the degree as a whole should be more than the sum of its traditional parts: courses, credits, and grades. Exploring the meaning of a degree thus involves addressing questions about what the institution expects its students—undergraduates and graduates alike— to know and be able to do upon graduation, and how graduates embody the distinct values and traditions of the institution through their dispositions and future plans.”

The subcommittee on meaning, quality and integrity of the degree will explore the meaning, quality and integrity of a Fresno State degree using multiple frameworks, including AAC&Us LEAP outcomes, the Degree Qualifications Profile from Lumina, as well as the Institutional Learning Outcomes adopted by other universities within the CSU. The subcommittee is committed to broad consultation with the campus community as well as the Academic Senate as we seek to articulate the meaning of our degrees.


Name Department Email
Michelle Den Beste History
Jose Diaz College of Arts & Humanities
Andrew Lawson Plant Science
Scott Moore Continuing and Global Education
Dennis Nef Provost's Office
Rebecca Raya-Fernandez Health and Psychological Services