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Departments & Programs

At the heart of California State University Fresno, the College of Arts and Humanities is the largest academic unit of the university.  It is a stimulating center of intellectual and cultural activity, dedicated to academic excellence, integrity, intellectual freedom, and civic and cultural engagement with the San Joaquin Valley. The College includes the following departments and programs:

Armenian Studies

Art and Design

English Department

Linguistics Department

Media, Communications and Journalism Department

Music Department

 Other Programs

Upper Division College Honors Program

The Center for Creativity and the Arts

The Center for Creativity and the Arts, a collaboration and dialog across the university's colleges and disciplines; the Central Valley's multicultural roots, cultures, and industries; and local K-12 arts education affiliates.

University Press

(Under construction)



The College also supports four art galleries including the Phebe Conley Art Gallery, 16 discipline-specific computer labs, a tutorial Writing Center, the University Press, a concert hall and the Wahlberg Recital Hall, a fully-equipped John Wright Theatre and the Dennis and Cheryl Woods Arena Theatre; dance, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics studios, a foundry, television and film production studios, KFSR, and smart classrooms. 

Under the Dean and Associate Dean, the College employs approximately 150 full-time faculty members and more than 160 additional employees that include part-time faculty, graduate assistants and graduate teaching associates, and clerical and technical staff.