Graduate Programs in Education

The Kremen School of Education and Human Development offers Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctorate Degrees, along with many Advanced Credential Programs.

Fall 2016 application deadlines:

  • Program & CSU Mentor applications - August 12, 2016 
  • MA, Education - Educational Leadership & Administration - Program & CSU Mentor applications - July 1, 2016

Teaching Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education, Option Curriculum & Instruction

The 30-unit Master of Arts degree in Education with an option in Curriculum and Instruction is designed for teachers and other professionals who desire advanced study in curriculum, instruction, educational psychology, research design, and educational statistics. Although a majority of students are teachers, a teaching credential is not a requirement for admission. The program is unique in allowing students to pursue in-depth study in personally relevant areas of curriculum and instruction such as educational technology, reading/language arts, mathematics education, and other specialization areas through elective coursework. APPLY NOW!

       -- Advanced Study in Educational Technology

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Technology is a postbaccalaureate program designed to provide professional and specialized preparation for the candidate interested in acquiring knowledge and skills essential for technology-related leadership in educational settings.

Master of Arts in Education, Option Counseling and Student Services

The Master of Arts in Education with an option in counseling and student services is designed for individuals seeking advanced preparation for careers within educational settings.

The degree program provides preparation for those seeking development for careers or professional positions in educational settings, social services, business, religious organizations or other positions requiring expertise in counseling and/or student services. APPLY NOW

Master of Arts in Education, Option Early Childhood Education

The Master of Arts degree in Education with an option in Early Childhood Education offers specialized preparation for a wide variety of positions in educational settings with children from birth through the primary grades. The program is designed to meet individual needs of candidates with different experiential and educational backgrounds and varied career objectives. APPLY NOW!

       -- Early Childhood Education Credential

An Early Childhood Education Specialist Credential may be earned by those who possess an elementary teaching credential (California Multiple Subject, Standard Elementary, or General Elementary Teaching Credential); who complete a commission-approved specialist program, including teaching; and who have two years of teaching experience at two levels of Early Childhood Education at the time the specialist credential is bestowed. The ECE Specialist Credential requires 30 units of postbaccalaureate study. Courses taken in the ECE Specialist Credential Program may be used to meet part or all of the requirements for the master's degree. It is strongly advised that application for the master's degree be completed at the same time as the application for the specialist credential is submitted. APPLY NOW!

Master of Arts in Education, Option Multilingual Multicultural Education

The Master of Arts degree program in Education with an option in Multilingual Multicultural Education (MME) is designed to provide graduate candidates with an advanced level of research and professional preparation with regard to linguistically and culturally diverse learners (LCD).

The program prepares instructional leaders on challenges faced by LCD learners in Pk-16 educational settings. The courses provide educators with an understanding on the role of leadership within the context of global education systems as viewed and experienced by LCD communities. Upon completion of the program, candidates will be able to engage in leadership roles in the areas of staff development, student services, and/or higher educational settings. Furthermore, this specialized training will enhance further graduate study in doctoral programs. APPLY NOW!

Master of Arts in Education, Option Reading/Language Arts (In Person/Online)

The Master of Arts in Education with an option in Reading/Language Arts (offered in person and online) is an exceptional program that prepares you to function effectively as a skilled practitioner and a leader in the profession. The Master's degree provides specialized preparation in reading/language arts for classroom and resource teachers, for reading and language development specialists, for clinic and curriculum supervisors, and anyone interested in learning more about literacy. APPLY NOW!

        -- Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential

Reading and Language Arts graduate courses are designed to help teachers learn how to make curricular decisions about teaching reading and how to meet the needs of students with varying language communication backgrounds. Students pursuing a degree or credential in Reading and Language Arts also learn to inspire other teachers to upgrade the reading/language abilities of students through demonstrations of effective reading strategies. Graduates will be qualified to plan, organize, and develop reading programs for schools. APPLY NOW!

        -- Advanced Certificate, Reading and Literacy added Authorization

In addition to the admission requirements for the Graduate Education Program, Reading/Language Arts Specialist Certificate program applicants must possess a basic teaching credential. APPLY NOW!

Master of Arts in Special Education

The Master of Arts in Special Education offers advanced preparation in mild/moderate disabilities and moderate/severe disabilities and is closely related to course requirements for the Professional Level II Education Specialist Credential program. It is expected that students seeking admission to the Master of Arts in Special Education will possess a substantial entry-level background in special education, such as having made significant progress toward completion of the Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential program in mild/moderate or moderate/severe disabilities. APPLY NOW!

        -- Professional Clear Education Specialist Credential

The Professional Level II credential program offers specialization in mild/moderate and moderate/severe disabilities as described under the Preliminary Level I credential program. Candidates will have selected one of these professional paths for completion of the Preliminary Level I credential program. The selected specialization will be consistent with the work setting in which the candidate is employed and working under the Level I credential authorization.

Candidates may wish to pursue the Master of Arts in Special Education while completing the requirements for the Professional Level II credential program. There is considerable coursework consistency between the requirements of these two programs; the candidate must meet the admission requirements of both programs should this be the educational objective. Please note the requirements under Master of Arts in Special Education. APPLY NOW!

Master of Arts in Teaching (online)

The online Master of Arts in Teaching integrates three themes - multicultural, social justice education, action research, and Web-based teaching/learning - to improve school curriculum and instruction, help close the achievement gap in our nation's public schools, and extend the academic and technological foundation provided in teacher credentialing programs. The online MAT focuses explicitly on applied advanced study in K-12 classrooms, incorporating a mixture of more critically oriented theoretical and research skills, as well as more emphasis on practitioner-oriented knowledge, skills and dispositions, to increase learning for all students. Program applicants must have a teaching credential to be admissible to the online MAT. APPLY NOW!

Educational Leadership Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education, Option Educational Leadership and Administration

The Department of Educational Leadership offers a program leading to a Master of Arts degree in Education. There are two pathways that this degree offers:

  • Educational Leadership and Administration (P-12)
  • Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership (HEAL)


        -- Administrative Services Credential (Preliminary)
        -- Administrative Services Internship Credential

Individuals who wish to serve as educational administrators must complete preliminary and advanced levels of preparation. Holders of the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and the Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential are authorized to serve in such positions as district superintendent, principal, program director, and any related administrative assignments at all school levels. APPLY NOW!

In special circumstances, students may be eligible for the Administrative Internship Credential. This credential allows students to have a full-time position requiring an administrative credential while they are working toward the completion of the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

The Professional Administrative Services Credential (Tier Two) currently is only available through the doctoral program in educational leadership. Candidates must be enrolled in the doctoral program in order to complete the professional credential.

Doctoral Program (Ed.D)

Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

The purpose of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership is to enhance the talents and skills of individuals who plan to devote their lives to the implementation of educational practices informed by research. Offered by California State University, Fresno, the Ed.D. program provides students with a broad view of educational problems and a strong background in social science theory. In addition, the program prepares students to conduct and interpret inquiries on which sound educational policy and practice can be anchored.

Students in the program benefit from the teaching and research expertise of established scholars and practitioners. The faculty hail from a number of academic disciplines: educational administration, education, anthropology, sociology, business, psychology, linguistics, and economics as well as from surrounding school districts.

All courses are taught in Fresno and are held during the late afternoons, evenings, and/or the weekends to accommodate full-time working professionals. APPLY NOW!