Academic Probation and Disqualification

Maximizing Academic Potential (MAP) Workshops

The Maximizing Academic Potential (MAP) Workshop are highly recommended.  The MAP workshop is offered online only and will be available for Spring 2016 students beginning February 6, 2016.  Check back here for instructions to be posted on how to access the workshop.  Please refer all your questions and concerns to the email address below.

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Readmission of Disqualified Undergraduate Students

Contact the University Advising Center at 559-278-1787 for more information.

What is Academic Probation?

An undergraduate student is placed on academic probation when his/her Cumulative and/or Fresno State GPA falls below a 2.0 ("C" average).

Title 5, CA Code of Regulations, Section 41300; CSU Executive Order 1038

What is Academic Disqualification?

An undergraduate student who begins the semester on academic probation is subject to academic disqualification at the end of the semester when the student's Cumulative and/or campus GPA falls below the specific minimum disqualification level for his/her class standing (see chart below):

academic standing chart
Class Level Units Earned GPA Level
Freshman 0 - 29 units 1.50
Sophomore 30 - 59 units 1.70
Junior 60 - 89 units 1.85
Senior 90 or more units 1.95

Title 5, CA Code of Regulations, Section 41300; CSU Executive Order 1038

Probation Advising

When a student is placed on academic probation, the following occurs:

  1. Student receives a probation letter providing clear action steps to regain good academic standing (GPA ≥ 2.0):
  2. Student is required to limit course enrollment to 13 units.
  3. Student must participate in mandatory advising as determined by his/her college, Special Program and/or academic department (undeclared students see their University Advising Center advisor).
  4. Student is expected to use campus resources for academic support and strategies for academic success.

How many semesters can a student be on Academic Probation

No limit. Students can remain on academic probation for multiple semesters (continued probation) as long as their GPA does not fall below the disqualification level based on class level. However, in order to graduate, a student must earn a 2.0 in campus, major, and cumulative GPAs.

Repeating Courses. Undergraduate students may register for courses a second time only if they earned a grade of D, F, IC, or WU during the first attempt and have not exceeded 28 units of repeated coursework.

Undergraduate students may not register to take a course more than two times until they complete the Third Attempt Form, meet with major advisor, obtain verification of all of the following conditions, and submit the verification to the major department chair for approval:

  1. have not exceeded 28 units of repeated coursework,
  2. received a grade of D, F, IC, or WU upon the second attempt of the course,
  3. the course to be repeated is a program requirement,
  4. the program they are pursuing requires a grade of C or higher in the course to fulfill a program requirement, and
  5. there are no other courses in the catalog that can be used to fulfill the program requirement.
  6. this is not a 4th or more attempt

The chair will not grant this approval unless all of above conditions are met.

If the request is approved, the student submits the required paperwork to the Admissions and Records Office, Joyal 106.

Grade Substitution by Repetition of Courses. An undergraduate student may grade substitute up to 16 semester units of undergraduate coursework at California State University, Fresno. If the original grade was D, F, WU, or IC, and the subsequent grade is the same or higher, the new grade will be substituted for the original grade. Only the substituted grade will be used in determining the student's grade point average. Grade substitution can be used only once for an individual course. If the original grade was C, CR, or better, the course cannot be repeated. A student may repeat a total of 28 units, 16 of which may be used for grade substitution, as described above, and 12 units of which can be averaged.

A course in which a grade of NC was earned may be repeated but since the NC grade does not affect the grade point average, no substitution is necessary; however, the repeat will count toward the 12 unit limitation of averaged units.

A course attempted at another institution may be repeated by enrolling in a regular California State University, Fresno course determined by the Evaluations Office to be equivalent. A course for which grade substitution has been granted at another institution may not be repeated for grade substitution at California State University, Fresno. In addition, a course taken at California State University, Fresno may not be repeated for grade substitution at another institution.

GPA Calculation

The grade-point average (GPA) is obtained by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of units attempted.

The University Advising Center’s Online GPA Calculator is a recommended tool to improve accuracy when calculating a student's GPA.

Steps for Using the Term and Cumulative GPA Calculator:
To calculate the potential cumulative GPA including units currently enrolled in, enter the following using information from the Unofficial Transcript:

  1. Enter estimated letter grade for each class and the number of course units.
  2. Click the “Calculate Estimated Term GPA” button – the Term GPA will be displayed.

To calculate current Cumulative GPA

  1. Enter Current GPA and number of units attempted
  2. Click the calculation button and your new cumulative GPA will be displayed based on the information you provided for your current and estimated term GPA.