If a specific major is not available at Fresno State, how can students design a "Special Major"?
Students who wish to design an academic program not currently offered by the university can design a special major.  The Special Major for a Bachelor of Arts degree provides an opportunity for students to engage in an individualized course of study leading to a degree when legitimate academic and professional goals are not accommodated by standard degree majors.

Can students design a Special Major if their intent is to get "any college degree" with the units they have already completed?
No, a Special Major is NOT intended as a means of bypassing normal graduation requirements or major requirements.

Note: A Special Major is only suitable for students who desire a degree in an academic field not offered by California State University, Fresno.

Where can students go to discuss the possibility of a Special Major?
Refer students to the Office of Advising Services , Joyal Administration Building, Room 224, 278-1787, for further information about the Special Major process.

What are the general criteria for designing a Special Major?

  1. Students cannot have completed more than 94 units to consider a Special Major.
  2. Students must have one full year of academic work (at least 30 units) still to be completed to meet minimum degree requirements.
  3. The minimum requirement for the Special Major is an approved program of 45 units at least 30 units of which must be upper division work. Usually, the Special Major consists of correlated studies in two or more fields.
  4. The minimum total unit requirement for a special major is 120 units.