Baccalaureate Degree Requirements - (Undergraduates)

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General Education Requirements

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Second Baccalaureate Degree or Undergraduate Major Requirements

Postbaccalaureate students (i.e., those who already hold a bachelor's degree) may pursue a program leading to an additional baccalaureate degree or undergraduate major. Students are urged to consult with a departmental adviser and with the Division of Graduate Studies to determine whether a second baccalaureate or graduate program better meets their needs.

  1. Postbaccalaureate students seeking an additional undergraduate degree must complete the following requirements:
    1. A minimum of 30 units in residence at California State University, Fresno since completion of the most recent degree, including 24 upper-division units.
    2. At least 12 units in the major in residence at this university since the last baccalaureate degree. (Departments may set higher requirements.)
    3. All state and university requirements for that degree, including English 1, General Education, United States Constitution and California state and local government, American history, and the upper-division writing skills requirement. (These requirements may be met by courses taken in the students' undergraduate programs.)
    4. All units required in the major. No credit may be applied from courses taken for an earlier degree. If required major courses were previously taken, the student must substitute, with the approval of the department, additional major courses. Graduate-level courses (200 series) may not be applied toward the requirements for a second baccalaureate degree or additional undergraduate major.
    5. Completion of 40 upper-division units taken since the most recent degree was granted.
    6. Filing of an undergraduate degree application and payment of graduation fee.
    7. Postbaccalaureate students seeking an additional undergraduate major must complete items 2 and 4 above. The transcript will indicate that all coursework for the additional major has been completed. Students pursuing a second baccalaureate degree or additional undergraduate major cannot select the catalog used for the initial undergraduate degree. If students do not remain in continuous attendance, the requirements will be those in effect at the time they reenter the university or complete their programs.
  2. Postbaccalaureate students may not earn a minor or a second minor.
  3. Second baccalaureate students are not considered for university honors.