CAMPUS CLOSURE: Fresno State will be closed on Monday, January 16th. Transcript processing will resume when our office reopens on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017. FedEx and Rush requests will not be processed until Tuesday, January 17th, 2017.


Transcripts are a complete record of all courses and degrees completed at California State University, Fresno. Transcripts do not include coursework completed at other institutions. Only transferable units are reflected on transcripts under "Transfer Credit".

For students who have both undergraduate and post-baccalaureate coursework, please be aware that it is not possible to separate undergraduate coursework or the post-baccalaureate coursework from the transcript. Both careers will appear on the transcript, as it is considered one official record.


Transcripts must be requested online, in person, or by mail (student's signature required). Orders are not accepted by telephone, fax, or email. When ordering transcripts in person, please be sure to bring valid photo ID. 

We do not take requests for unofficial transcripts. You can only access unofficial transcripts from your Student Center if you are a current student. If you need assistance please contact the University Help Desk at: 559. 278.7000.

Processing time for a transcript that is mailed or ordered online could take a minimum of 5 business days after the request is opened. Exceptions that may delay your order for more than 5 days: 

  • Holds that need to be cleared
  • Partial grades and/or current academic standing
  • Holidays and campus closures

If there is any financial hold or administrative obligation on your student records, it must be cleared with the department that placed the hold before transcripts can be processed. Holds may be placed on your student records by other departments on campus for various reasons (ie. fees, books, equipment, and documents). 

When requesting transcripts you have the option to indicate when you would like your transcripts to be sent.  See below for descriptions.

  • Send NOW: Choose this option and your transcript will be processed immediately. Exception: Once grades begin to post we may hold your transcript until all grades are posted and/ or academic standing is updated.
  • Send after GRADES are posted: Choose this option and indicate the semester and year that is pending grades. We will process your request once the grades have been posted for that term. Please be sure to be as specific as possible, as errors will require a new request and fee.
  • Send after DEGREE is posted: Choose this option and indicate whether you want us to hold for your Bachelor’s, Master’s degree or Doctorate and the semester it will be completed. We will process your request once the degree has been posted.


REQUEST ONLINE- This is the most efficient way to order transcripts. You may request transcripts to be mailed to anyone or anywhere or sent electronically via our NEW PDF method. (You may not request for pick up when ordering online.)

The PDF transcripts are sent electronically to an institution, third party or yourself. Processing time for a PDF transcript is almost immediate once it's processed by the system and queued to our staff. These orders are checked multiple times during the normal business day and released immediately. Please note: This option is mostly available to students who have attended Fresno State after 2002. If you attended prior to 2002 this option could be available especially if you graduated around 2002. If you would like us to check, call us at: 559.278.4743 and we will explain what needs to be entered to make this a possibility. 

  • Current Students click here- Please note: Student must sign in, click on "Student Self Service", and then click on "Request Official Transcripts".
  • Alumni/Former Students click here- Please note: If you do not know your Fresno State student ID number, your social security number, date of birth and any previous names will assist us in identifying you.  So please be accurate when filling out your information.

If you have already made a request online, you may click here to check the status of your order.

REQUEST IN PERSON-When you order in person, you are able to walk out with up to 2 official copies on the spot with no additional fees!  We are located in the north lobby of the Joyal Administration building. When ordering transcripts in person, please be sure to bring valid photo ID.  Fees are referenced below.

        North lobby hours are:
        Regular hours:  8:00am-5:00pm
        Summer hours:  7:00am-3:30pm

You will be required to pay fees at the cashier windows located in the south lobby of the Joyal Administration building and sometimes they have different hours than our offices. Please call ahead to check for special office hours other than what is posted below. The hours may change without notice: 559.278.2641.

        South lobby hours are:
        Regular hours:  8:00am-4:30pm
        Summer hours:  7:00am-3:30pm

Please note: If someone other than yourself will be requesting in person and/or picking-up the transcript, you need to provide a signed release authorizing the third party to request and/or pick-up your transcript. Please include their name and instruct them to bring a valid photo ID.

REQUEST BY MAIL- click here for the order form or send us a letter that includes all of the following information:

  • Name: Maiden name or former name used while a student
  • Last year enrolled
  • Date of birth
  • Student ID number or Social Security Number
  • Current address and Phone number
  • Number of transcripts requested with complete names and addresses of where each transcript is to be mailed.
  • Indicate whether to send now or if you are waiting for final grades or current degree to post.  Please note: If partial grades are posted, we will hold your request until all grades have posted and academic standing is set regardless of the option you choose.
  • Sign and date your request
  • Include your payment, payable to Fresno State (check or money order only)

Processing time for a transcript that is mailed could take a minimum of 5 business days after the request is received.


When mailing in requests, Fresno State accepts check or money order only. When ordering online a valid credit card and e-mail is required. When ordering in person, Fresno State accepts all forms of payment.

Fee Copies


First copy


Additional copies ordered at the same time (More than 3 copies can only be requested for mailing)


Additional copies prepared after ten (More than 11 copies can only be requested for mailing)

Rush Services

$10.00 plus the total cost of the number of official transcripts ordered.
Example: One rush = $14.00, Two rushes = $16.00, Three rushes = $18.00, etc.

Rush processing time is currently a minimum of 2 business days after the request is opened. When mailing in a rush request, please write "RUSH" on the top of the request form if mailing request. FedEx options are available when ordering online only. (FedEx fees are posted on the Credential Solutions website and only available there.)

Rush service is not available for transcripts that are archived (off campus), and requests being held for special handling (i.e. grades, degree, etc.)

Online orders

There is a $2.45 handling fee per transcript in addition to the regular transcript fees as noted above. For more pricing information refer to the Credential Solutions webpage under "pricing schedule".


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