Fall Senior Checklist

  Date Desription
checkbox 8/16-12/16 Register and take the ACT or SAT as soon as possible and preferably no later than December. 
checkbox 10/1/16- 11/30/16 Complete your admission application at http://www.calstate.edu/apply
October 1 - November 30. Sign up for a webinar to assist you completing your application /studentaffairs/recruitment/events/webinars.html
checkbox 10/1/16- 11/30/16 If applicable, complete the separate EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) application at http://www.calstate.edu/apply
checkbox 10/1/16- 3/2/17 Start or submit FAFSA (Financial Aid) application at www.fafsa.ed.gov
checkbox  10/1/16- 3/2/17 Apply for Fresno State scholarships at www.fresnostate.edu/scholarships
checkbox 10/1/16- 12/8/16 If applicable, complete Smittcamp Family Honors Scholarship application at www.fresnostate.edu/scholarships
checkbox 10/1/16- on Open a Fresno State email account at at https://my.fresnostate.edu after receiving acknowledgment letter to track the progress of your application. Sign up for a "Next Step" webinar to help you navigate the admission process /studentaffairs/recruitment/events/webinars.html
checkbox 12/16/16 Submit all documents for EOP
checkbox 12/1/16- on Register for Preview day at http://go2fresnostate.com/previewday/

Spring Senior Checklist

  Date Desription
checkbox 2/2/17 Submit admission documents, SAT and/or ACT official scores and pay $55 application fee. If applicable, submit Residency Questionnaire, AB540 Affidavit along with high school transcript to clear residency.
checkbox 1/1/17- on Unless Conditionally Exempt or Exempt, sign up and take ELM and/or EPT as early as possible www.fresnostate.edu/testing. Check for status at https://my.fresnostate.edu
checkbox 3/2/17 If not already done, submit FAFSA www.fafsa.ed.gov
checkbox 3/15/17- 5/1/17 Accept your admissions to Fresno State at https://my.fresnostate.edu
checkbox  3/15/17- 5/1/17 Register and pay for Dog Days (mandatory new student orientation) https://my.fresnostate.edu
checkbox 3/25/17 Attend Preview Day at Fresno State
checkbox 5/17-6/17  If applicable, register for Early Start Program class(es)
checkbox 6/17-8/17 Attend Dog Days
checkbox 6/17-8/17 If applicable, attend Early Start Program

Dates are subject to change. Please check back often for latest update or call Undergraduate Student Recruitment at 559.278.2048.