Fresno State Talks 2014

The second annual lecture series premieres this February 2014!

Don't miss these lectures filled with new ideas about the paranormal, deaf culture, and a psychological blueprint to make sure you're on top of your game every day.

Each lecture begins at 7:00 PM and will be preceded by a 30-minute reception, including refreshments. All lectures take place in the Satellite Student Union. 


Thursday, February 13 :: Dr. TwoTrees
"Esoterica, the Paranormal, and Superhumanity: Secular-Religious Mythology in Contemporary Culture"

How does the growing popularity of esoterica, the paranormal, and superhumanity illustrate our thirst for a secular sacred mythology? To put a finer point on it: comic books, pulp fiction, and science fiction are an expression of an unfolding contemporary secular-religious mystic imagination. Portrayals of esoterica, the paranormal, and superhumanity in contemporary culture shed light on what it means to be human, the nature of reality, and what could be vis-à-vis what is considered extra-ordinary, super-human, or para-normal. Discover how fantasy, the imaginary, and fiction may well serve as revelations of what really truly is, and how we tend to render what’s possible in the form of the impossible. 


Wednesday, February 19 :: Rosemary W. Diaz
"Building Bridges between the Deaf-World and Hearing Allies"

With more than 42 million individuals living in America who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, the opportunity for interaction with a Deaf person is highly probable. At Fresno State we want to educate the world around us about Deaf people, how who we are makes our culture unique and how we can build bridges that allow us to have successful relationships at work, school, and out on the playground. What can you do? Will you wait for the world to change or will you become a world-changer? 


Wednesday, February 26 :: Dr. Jenelle N. Gilbert
"The Psychological UNIFORM: A Blueprint for Peak Performance"

Athletes dedicate their lives to physical training. However, to ensure their best chances for success, they also need to work on their mental game. The Psychological UNIFORM was designed to assist with this task, and can help everyone including athletes, musicians, surgeons, students, and teachers achieve peak performance. 


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The inaugural Fresno State Talks occurred in February 2013 and included the following lectures listed below. Lectures can be viewed by clicking on the title. 

Dr. Honora Chapman :: "Eureka"

Dr. T. Hasan Johnson :: "Hip-Hop…The #%$@ Remix! : Re-Evaluating Hip-Hop Culture's Origins and Impacts"

Dr. Wade Gilbert ::"To Infinity and Beyond! Principles of Talent Development"


Fresno State Talks is a student-selected lecture series featuring outstanding faculty who exemplify the University's values of Discovery, Diversity, and Distinction. The honored faculty members will deliver a lecture on a topic of expertise, interest, or experience. 

 Nominations are solicited from students by asking 'What professor inspires you?". Students are encouraged to recognize a professor that has made a difference, challenged them to think differently, or taken the time to ensure learning.